Monday, October 18, 2010

October 2010

St. George Marathon
Yes!!! Megan finished
the 26.2 miles
October 2010
Megan ran the St. George Marathon
Trever ran with her for a block or so.
Jason, Camryn, Jake, Kai, & Lindsey
Ann Goddard & Grandma Graf
The party at our house.
Jan, Megan, Kate, Jason, Camryn, & Jake.
October 18, 2010
Jan's sister, Laura, turned 50 years old today and
we had a surprise Birthday Party for her tonight at our home.We surprised Lolly for her birthday!!
Happy Birthday

Here is the incision stapled together. He is doing great!!Jan had knee replacement surgery on Oct. 12, 2010
He got kicked by a cow in July and so he had been on crutches
for three months waiting for the ligament to heal.These are the class members that came.
Evening dinner for the reunion
Jan was in charge of his 50th High School Class Reunion
It was October 9, 2010. He graduated in 1960.

Swiss Days in Santa Clara, Utah 2010

Jan giving a tribute to his mother as the Grand Marshal
Paul, Bonnie, Carol, Laura, & Beulah watching
These are Jan's brother and sister and mother!!
Fire Truck Jon uses for advertising his business
Some of our grandchildren on on the truck
Our son, Jon, riding his horse "Blue"
Jan's Mom, Beulah Graf, was the Grand Marshal
for Swiss Days this year!!!
Paul is driving--he is Jan's brother
Megan & Dave running the 5K
Megan, Camryn, her daughter, & Allie, Camryn's cousin

Lake Powell and farming

Our houseboat "Naut@Work"
New to us this year!!!
We love it!!!
Gordon, Keith, Debra, & Cheri at the lake.
At Lake Powell, Gordon, Keith & Debra
Fun at the Lake!!!!
Lake Powell
Keith, Debra, & Cheri McClean
Jan got kicked by a cow after he branded her on July 8, 2010
and tore ligaments in his knee--
but crutch and all he still cut the hay with a brace.
Jan changing the water in the field in Ivins