Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lake Powell Sep 2009

Oh what fun and what great memories!!!
Swimming in the middle of the lake!!!
Dave, Colleen, & Ellie on their boat.
Tradition is-- as we leave we stop in the middle of the channel and swim in the lake. This is it!!!
Trever, Megan, Heidi, & Jan
Eating is a little tight but we eat great food!!
Jan & Trever on the beach.
Colleen, Lindsey & Jason on the beach!!
Camryn, Jon, Tyler, Jesika, & Jacob looking at pictures they took.
Bucky, Julie, Lauren, Ethan in front and Heidi's Hank standing.
Dave going down the slide on a knee board!!
Jon going down the slide. Jon brought the plastic, a generator
with a fire hose to spray the water up the hill
to the top of the plastic.
Fun at the lake.Gretchen going down the slide.
Heidi going down the slide.
Kids playing on the tube.
Dave's boat taking kids out to play in the lake.
Our beach at Lake Powell

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Richins Family said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I think it is great you all get together and enjoy each other! You have a wonderful family!